Scientific Solution for Size Reduction
Scizer is designed to manipulate adipocytes in the subcutaneous layer utilising a non-invasive focused ultrasound scanner. The treatment targets and reduces localised fat and effectively improves the contours of the body.

Uniform Scanning Technology
The Scizer is equipped with uniform scanning technology which distributes a consistent and homogenous ultrasound beam profile to an area of 46x46mm. The design of the projected output is symmetrical in size and power allowing you to treat with higher impact, better comfort and amazing results.

Benefits of Scizer Technology
Easy-to-use Interface
Economical Running Costs
Large Spot Size & Homogenous Beam Profile
Immediate & Continuous Results
Double Handpiece used Simultaneously
Fast Treatment Times
Comfort Focused
No Preparation & No Downtime
Built-In Intelligent Cooling System
The optional Contact Cooling Control function of the Scizer is designed to assist in delivering the most comfortable body contouring treatments. This delivers both a temperature control and an anaesthetic effect on the epidermis that is fully adjustable by the physician or operator to maximise treatment comfort, safety and effectivity.