Siberian Fit

Perfect for your practice

Siberian Fit is the revolutionary device for intensive cooling. The Siberian Fit system enables you to provide patients with all the benefits of cold air cooling while providing temporary epidermal analgesia.

Ideal Technology for all types of clinical practices

Siberian Fit is the ideal therapeutic solution for clinical and cosmetic offices, optimising treatment results and increasing treatment efficacy and healing. Siberian fit is used in conjunction with aesthetic laser systems and transepidermic treatments such as botulinum toxin and sclerotherapy.

The ultimate device in intense cooling

Siberian Fit’s air jet has a flow rate of up to 2m/s and 8 different levels of speed dispersion, with a minimum temperature of -30°C.

Perfect results and increased treatment satisfaction

Because of the intense temporary analgesic effect the Siberian Fit allows lasers and IPL devices to be used on the maximum setting, thereby reducing the treatment time as well as the number of treatments.. The Siberian Fit ensures patients will be comfortable during treatments.

Epidermal protection

Siberian Fit reduces the probability of thermal burn and its subsequent lesions, increasing treatment safety and patient satisfaction. The Siberian Fit reduces patient downtime by reducing inflammation, minimising edema
formation and erythema.

Economical and convenient

Compact in design, lightweight and easy to transport – the Siberan Fit uses air as the cold conductor and has no consumables. It has an easy to use interface that is preprogrammed to simplify use.