Fraxis Duo

Combined Fractional CO2 Laser plus Micro-Needle Fractional RF

Fraxis Duo platform is the ideal combination of fractional CO2 laser and with the option of micro-needle fractional RF technology with numerous applications for face and body treatments. This is achieved through the optimal combination of fractional superficial stimulation and deep volumetric heating, giving superior results for single or combination treatments on the most-common medical and cosmetic indications.

Now with SECRET 3D

The benefits of combining a fractional CO2 laser with micro-needle fractional RF allows the treatment of all skin types and provides the ability to treat a large range of medical and cosmetic indications. Both superficial and deep stimulation is achieved in one device, increasing effectiveness and reducing side effects. Now available with both INSULATED and NON-INSULATED micro-needle tips.

Integrate the LOTUS Gynolaser handpiece

The LOTUS Gynolaser handpiece is the most user-friendly vaginal rejuvenation handpiece available in the market today. With the ultra-reliable CO2 system from Creative Ilooda, you can now deliver the most effective and comfortable gynolaser treatments to your clients.