The Diamond Standard in Q-Switched Laser Technology. With its outstanding results, great design and reliable technology, it is currently rewriting what we can do with Q-Switched lasers for the treatment of epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions.

Photoacoustic Twice Pulse (PTP)
The PASTELLE adopts the Photoacoustic Twice Pulse mode, which constantly delivers twin-pulsed, high-output energy at very short intervals. As a pulse is divided into two, a lesser risk for injury to the surrounding tissue, lesser pain during treatments and a quicker healing time is made possible. Treatments with PTP mode are also associated with less hypopigmentation, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and other adverse effects. PTP mode provides a more comfortable experience for the patient compared to single pulses of energy.

High and Reliable Power Output
Continuous and consistent energy output with stable power is made possible by a newly designed laser head. This allows user confidence throughout the entire treatment without the worry of unreliability in power delivery. 1,300mJ @ 1064nm 1,600mJ @ PTP Mode 3,500mJ @ Genesis Mode

Auto Calibration
A quick and easy-to-use auto calibration function provides precise and stable energy every time you start a treatment. The output is automatically calibrated in Pastelle by constantly checking it in real time with a photo diode in the optical path. Users need not worry about reduced power, and can focus on delivering superior results to your clients. Hand pieces 660nm and 585nm wavelengths allow the PASTELLE to treat stubborn and difficult to remove light green and light blue ink.

(Optional) Fractional Hand Piece An optional fractional hand piece with a spot size adjustable from 5×5 – 9x9mm decreases thermal damage in the dermis and allows for quicker healing and recovery time.